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02 4862 3744 | 1300 133 215

02 4862 3744 | 1300 133 215

About FIX Systems Architectural 

Specialist Suppliers of Standoff Fixings

We are FIX Systems Architectural, Australia’s leading point of sale for standoff fixings.

Based in Bowral, NSW, we manufacture locally and supply globally.

We offer our custom manufacturing services to cater for your individual needs –
* materials (stainless steel, brass, mirror polish etc)
* styles
* diameters
* lengths
* thread sizes

The FIX Team

FIX customers are consistently satisfied by the speed and quality of our standoff fixings solutions. It takes a talented team with the right technology to exceed expectations every day.

We’ve built a reputation as quality stainless steel fixing manufacturers servicing all types of industries. Backed by decades of experience in the stainless steel business, we’re here to make life as easy as possible for our clients, to supply quality standoff fixings across Australia and to go above and beyond to solve all your product selection needs.

In early 2021, FIX Systems Architectural underwent an evaluation of our Quality Management System and we were successful in achieving certification under ISO 9001:2015. This achievement demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality in all areas of our business and in all of our products.


  1. Select system
  2. Select diameter of head pack
  3. Select standoff body (if required)
  4. Select suitable fastener
  • Specification sheets are available on individual SYSTEMS pages
  • The standard finish for all FIX Systems standoff components is satin stainless steel
  • Other finishes and materials are available upon request
  • All products are suitable for use with most panel and sheet materials and widths
  • FIX Systems head packs, standoff bodies and fasteners can be purchased and used separately
  • FIX Systems head packs work directly with our fasteners if you do not require a standoff body

Why choose us

Quality Standoff Components

Superior Customer Service

Immediate Dispatch

Experienced Staff

Support Australian Local Business